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Ditch the Heels: Seeking Confidence in Comfort

woman wearing heels
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The world may be scary. Going into job interviews, pitching proposals, thesis defense, etc.—these require a certain amount of strength and confidence to power through. So, cue the upbeat music, the montage, and the compulsory taxi violently beeping at the main character crossing the street. It’s time to lift the chin up and walk in those shiny heels.

Heels have their spot in the world of beauty and professionalism. Models wear them with lingerie. Pageant queens pair 7-inch heels with swimwear. Taller people also have an advantage in the workplace. A person who is 6-feet tall earns $166,000 more than those who are 5-feet-5-inches tall–on average.

Adding a few extra inches is not all that great on the body, though. Heels shift the entire center of gravity of the body, as they shift the support to the balls of the feet. As a result, the body’s weight is directed forward. The back needs to hyperextend to attain balance.

An experienced scoliosis specialist would advise against wearing heels because it’s grueling for people with scoliosis. Take for example Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray. The training was intense because she would feel the pain from her back, as she tried to perfect her walk.

The good thing is people can feel confident even without heels. There are safer options that wouldn’t lead to blisters and barefoot on the streets at midnight. The fact that you can easily run when you’re late is just a bonus.

Choose What’s Comfortable

Comfort in clothing is one of the best things that a person can do for themselves. Imagine slipping into loose jeans. You can move around freely, and the thighs can breathe. The beauty of sneakers, their softness, versatility — you can run, jump, dance, anything.

Being comfortable means being confident. Because a person can do whatever they want in comfortable clothing, they have no inhibitions. They’re ready to take on any task and challenge without any worries of breaking their ankles, anything slipping out, or ripping their clothes.

It’s liberating to have a few worries off your head when you’re facing a hectic day. Put on what makes you feel good and reflect your personality because that’s what you need to get through the day.

Your Personal Style

In order to look good and feel good, a person needs to be in tune with their personal style. The kind of clothes and outfits you choose shows your personality. It’s a kind of self-expression that makes you own to your beauty — outside and inside.

Choosing one’s outfit depending on their preferences is a sign of self-respect and self-worth. They’re exercising their freedom to choose. They’re free from the pressures of society of what looks good or what people should look like to fit a standard.

Therefore, instead of conforming to society, listening to one’s personal style affirms a person’s self-worth. Because they feel good about their outfit, they end up feeling confident.

Put on a Blazer

When going to work, a job interview, or a meeting, it’s crucial to look professional. Clothing is one way people judge you. As discussed previously, clothes reflect the personality, and this is exactly why the way you dress affects first impressions.

Looking neat means you’re well-prepared. Wearing the right clothes, like a blazer, slacks, or long sleeves button-downs, compels other people to take you seriously. This is where Enclothed Cognition comes in.

Clothes boost people’s self-confidence and self-image. They embody what their clothes signify. This is called Enclothed Cognition. In one study, the researchers made the respondents put on a doctor’s lab coat. These respondents were more attentive than those who didn’t. Over time, clothes garner a reputation.

For Enclothed Cognition to work, the person needs to associate their clothes with something. High heels, for example, are said to boost confidence like they’re ready to take on the world. Hence, when someone wears heels, they feel like they’re walking on a runway.

In this case, blazers, slacks, button-downs are perceived as professional and formal. Hence, when you put these on, you’re in the mindset of business and ready to answer every question about the report or proposal. This is one way to impress potential clients, partners, and bosses

Wherever you go and whatever you do, feeling confident is crucial to overcome every obstacle at work, school, or personal life. While these are essential in everyday life, a person’s health should come first. So, if looking good means compromising one’s health, it may not be worth suffering for. There are other options — options that are more inherent and doable — that a person can turn to.

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