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Wellness at Home: Daily Work as Substitute for Daily Exercises

cleaning the house
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The pandemic has disrupted life as you know it in so many ways. Aside from businesses being closed and people being forced to isolate and separate in their homes, there are many activities that they can’t do. One of these is not being able to go to the gym as usual.

It might be an exercise to find ways to become active, even when you are staying at home. Some people can’t stop themselves from moving. The solution to this is to create a workout routine out of the many things you do at home. You can create routines or put something together if you’ve studied some courses about functional training. You can also do this by looking at examples available on the Web.

If you’d like to find out which of these activities are known as such, take a look at these activities included in the list. Let’s start.

A Brisk Walk in the Neighbourhood

The first activity is something that all people who are working the nine-to-five know very well—walking.

When you’re late, you tend to do a walk and a jog to reach your office. That is already exercising since you’re basically doing cardio—even if you don’t want to do it. When you’re hurrying home, that is cardio, too, since you’re also doing a walk at a brisk pace.

When you’re staying at home, the best way you can reciprocate this is to walk in your home, around the house, or in the immediate vicinity of your home. You can also try to mix and match these so that you’ll add more time and distance to your activity. A 20-minute walk is already considered exercise and lowers your risk of taking on underlying medical conditions.

Walking on the Stairs

If you’d rather stay in your home than go out, then you could substitute climbing up and down the stairs for walking. This is great if you’ve got stairs in your home. Everyone knows how people tend to be tired easily even when just climbing up three flights of stairs, more so if they’re out of shape.

If you’re out of shape, take it easy. You can do fewer repetitions of this daily, functional exercise if you’re only starting. Your legs are the ones that are being worked out here.

Think of it as the “leg days” to your arm workouts. Speaking of arm workouts…

Cleaning your Home

Haven’t you noticed how sweaty and tired you get after cleaning the house? That in itself is already an exercise worth doing. Household cleaning is a great way to exercise while doing something productive. It’s like two birds with one stone—while you’re getting healthy, you’re finishing your household chores too.

It is also a decent calorie burner, and you’re never going to get bored, as there is a lot that’s left to do. It’s easy to say that you’ll clean the windows or vacuum your carpet another day, but by doing this, you’re also getting in some cardio in your day.

Exercise During your Work-from-Home Shifts

Most of the work that was done in the office can now be finished at home. If you used to exercise while at your desk in the office, you can easily exercise at home. If you’ve got a phone meeting with no face-to-face conversation, you can walk while talking or stand while speaking. You can also walk even while having a face-to-face conversation by bringing the meeting to your mobile phone.

If you can, take a brisk walk during lunch, even for only ten to 15 minutes. If you’ve got the time, stand up and walk around every few hours.

Home Exercises to Do Outdoors

It’s not good to stay inside most of the time, either. During summer, you can go out of your home, even if it’s a pandemic. Just make sure to stay within your property or immediate earshot of your home. You can listen to some music while walking around your property or mow the lawn if you have the time. Rake some leaves while you’re at it, too.

If you’ve got children, you can actively play with them to have some exercise. Taking your pet dog out for a walk or running around your property can also get your heart racing and your blood pumping.

Staying active during the pandemic is as simple as doing the household chores and taking the time to really do it. There is a lot of work left to be done, which means there are also many exercises you can do while at home. It’s time to get moving.

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