Developing Good Habits: Building a Healthy Routine

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A healthy routine is not just about working out to stay in good shape. It is about helping you to regain control of your body. It can help you to feel in charge of your life and regain your stamina as well as your zest for living. The first step is often about learning to respect your body. Respect your body’s limits and the way it looks and practice gratitude for the ways it allows you freedom and movement.

You may need to take a slower approach to exercise than other people you see on social media. But they are not you and do not have your challenges. Learn to appreciate what you can do. Instead of focusing on your discomfort from having a condition such as scoliosis. Focus on the relief you get from doing exercises to relieve scoliosis back pain.  

This works for diet as well. Do not think of a healthy diet as depriving you of tasty food. Someone with lactose intolerance cannot eat dairy products, but they do not let that stop them from enjoying lactose-free ice cream and cheese. Take your cue from them. Learn to enjoy what is within your ability and suits your bodily needs. Approaching life in this way will make your whole worldview change and grow. Seeking to be grateful will help you to see that your world is a lot more varied and joyful than you may have previously imagined.                  

Eat and Drink  

If you easily get tired and irritable, there is a good chance that your diet and water intake are insufficient. You could be eating till satiation but the type of food you eat may not be providing you with enough nutrition. Try adding increasing amounts of green leafy vegetables to your meals. Over time, you will develop a taste for vegetables and find it easier to eat them in larger quantities than carbohydrates. Start taking supplements during this time so that your body can receive the nutrients it needs as you begin to build up your diet to receive those nutrients naturally.  

Water is also very easy to overlook. You may not realize that you’re slightly thirsty at all times but the lack of energy you feel after any amount of exertion is generally a sign that you are parched. Take to carrying a bottle of water around with you. Flavor this water with dehydrated fruit and squeezed lemon juice so that you enjoy the taste of it. This is the easiest way to encourage yourself to keep sipping the water throughout your day.            

Avoid Sugar in Drinks

Many people unknowingly drink the extra calories that make them gain weight and feel lethargic. Sugary sodas and ciders taste great, but they fill your body with unnecessary sugar and empty calories. If you indulge in these types of drinks every day, you are also increasing your likelihood of suffering from heart disease, obesity, and triggering adult-onset diabetes.  

Begin weaning yourself off these drinks by switching to isotonic drinks and fruit-flavored water. Sugar-free tea or sugar substitutes for your coffee is also a good way to keep enjoying your drinks without incurring too many negative health effects.            

Join a Club

You are more likely to get up and go do an activity if you are participating as a member of a group. This means that you will most likely do more exercise if you join a group class at a gym. If gyms are not your thing, there are also yoga studios and Pilates classes that you can join. Keep in mind that joining a class will require some amount of financial investment from you. If you can afford to invest in your exercise efforts then you should choose a well-reviewed instructor. They will be able to ensure that you are doing the movements correctly and guide you to avoid strain or injury.  

On the other hand, a local walking club or the community centers hiking group is a great way to join a group activity without spending too much money. You will meet like-minded people from your community and begin improving your social circle as well. It may sound daunting, but after a few days of meeting them, you will find that you look forward to being around these people.                    

Making deliberate changes to your daily lifestyle so that you develop healthy habits does not mean you are leaving your true self behind. In many ways, you are allowing your inner self to come out and shine after being hidden behind your negative perceptions of your abilitiesAs you can see with these suggestions, most of the healthy habits you can develop involve giving yourself a chance to positively approach food, choice, and making friends. You owe yourself the chance to see how much happier you can be by leading a more active and involved lifestyle.

In addition, you do not need to give up things you enjoy. You can still have as much coffee as you like because it counts towards your hydration intake for the day. You just have to replace the sugar with a healthier alternative and relieve your thirst while avoiding the lethargy that comes from the sugar crash.

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