Eat Healthy Food to Boost Your Mood

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The food you eat is understood as a primary source of nourishment for the body. This is true, and healthy eating is definitely an effective way to take care of your physical well-being. However, food is able to give more than just the physical benefits.

Of course, it is also important to note that no one food item can miraculously lift a person’s mood dramatically. This is because stress and mood swings are affected by a number of factors, such as life circumstances, body clock, and even nutritional issues.

Still, watching what you eat helps keep your mind and body in good shape. Thus improving your mood and mental health!

Build a Good Relationship with Food

But first, consider how you see food. Sometimes, what stops a person from eating healthily is not just food preferences. There are instances where eating disorders prevent an individual from having a healthy relationship with food.

If you are having a tough time, do not hesitate to seek professional treatment for anorexia and other eating disorders. The road to recovery is not meant to be walked alone. It can be challenging, but when you have a good support system behind you, the burden becomes lighter.

Eat Healthy, Eat Regularly, Be Happy

A study published in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society came to the conclusion that individuals who have irregular eating patterns are more at risk for issues regarding unregulated cholesterol levels.

These results suggest that it is not only the amount of food you eat in a day that matters for maintaining good health. How often you eat may also have an effect.

As of today, more research is still being done in the field. So far, however, the published research has shown that irregular eating can mess with your body clock.

Now, sure, these could have a negative effect on you physically, but you may be wondering: what does this have to do with my mental well-being?

When you don’t eat consistently, your blood sugar fluctuates. When your blood sugar fluctuates, you can get bad mood swings. A consistent diet, then, can help lift your spirits and make you happier.

Food You Should Have More Of

Now that you know how a regular meal schedule can improve your mood, here are a few suggestions for food that can support you.

1. Fermented Food

Fermented food is an awesome source of probiotics, which are live bacteria that help the digestive system aside from boosting the immune system and supporting weight loss. There are a great many examples of these in your local grocery, too. From kimchi for meals to kombucha for drinks and yogurt for dessert, there is always a good fermented option for any time of the day.

Did you know that there is a possibility that probiotics could help the body produce more serotonin? This hormone helps keep your mood, appetite, and emotions stable, so adding just a little more probiotics to your day would not hurt your diet at all!

2. Berries

Next time you need a sweet snack, go munch on your favorite kind of berries. Why? Berries are a great source of antioxidants. There are various kinds in the market and different ways to eat them to suit your tastes, too.

For one, antioxidants protect your body from inflammations. Aside from these, they may also have the ability to alleviate symptoms of depression or lower the risk for it.

Antioxidants also keep your skin looking young by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Good skin and a healthy glow can help your self-esteem and make you more confident in yourself.

3. Dark Chocolate

Yes, chocolate is a great mood booster, too! Obviously, many people would already agree that the simple act of eating chocolate is pleasurable in itself. But dark chocolate may have more where that came from.

Because it has less sugar and more flavonoids (a compound that promotes brain health) than other kinds of chocolate, dark chocolate is your healthiest choice. The next time someone asks, just say you’re eating darker chocolate for a healthier brain.

Don’t Be Afraid to Treat Yourself

Remember that food is not your enemy. It is your friend.

Do away with labels that say that food is only either good or bad. There are definitely types of food that are much healthier than others, and those should be eaten more often. But complete deprivation of “unhealthy” food is not the way to go. In fact, it could just end up making you feel horrible.

Once in a while, it is perfectly fine to treat yourself! So long as you don’t abuse it, food will remain a friend that brings you joy in your health journey.

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