Elders and Fashion: Dressing for Their Age

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Fashion is an integral part of young people’s lives. They are obsessed with being up to date on the newest fashion trends, they want to wear new clothes that just came out in stores, or that their favorite celebrities are wearing. However, this important aspect of your life becomes less crucial when you get older.

The Importance of Wearing the Appropriate Attire

Senior citizens might not understand why it matters what they wear when they go out, but if they dress appropriately, then involving themselves in activities will become easier. For example, wearing sandals or slippers will prevent them from being able to dance, while wearing a hat and sunglasses will make it difficult for them to see.

Elders also need to consider the appropriateness of their clothing for certain occasions, such as a funeral or a formal event—where dressing appropriately means wearing clothes that are more serious and somber. For example, if they’re going to a concert instead, they may want to wear clothes that are more colorful or fashionable.

When we consider the idea of fashion and how it relates to senior citizens, we must take into consideration that they’re not as interested in wearing clothes that will immediately stand out and grab attention as teenagers and adults are. Instead, they might choose to wear clothes that are more conservative, sometimes out of comfort for their physical health.

In fact, it might take a little while for seniors to get used to the idea of wearing certain clothing—it may be hard for them to do because they’re not used to it. But if family members offer guidance and gently encourage their elders to wear what they’re comfortable in, then it could be a good experience for them.

There are ways to choose clothes that compliment the age of an elder.

How Seniors Shop for Clothing

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When shopping for trendy clothes, elders will want to look at the style of clothing and avoid anything that is too flashy or attention-grabbing. When they dress in this way, they won’t stick out so much when they visit a restaurant or go grocery shopping.

While reading about fashion, an elder should also take into consideration what people associate with their age. This can be mostly influenced by the types of clothes they choose to wear and how those clothes make them appear to other people. For example, if an elder always wears jeans and a t-shirt, then others might assume that he or she is younger than they really are.

When shopping for their clothing, seniors should not feel obligated to buy something expensive. When they choose their outfits, consideration should be taken into the price of the clothing as well as how much wear and tear it can endure before becoming worn out. They may even want to consider what will happen to their clothes after they pass away.

How to Make Dressing Fun for Your Elder

Elders should be encouraged to take part in fashion by dressing up for special occasions, like attending a friend’s wedding. They shouldn’t feel excluded because of their age. As long as they are comfortable wearing certain types of clothing, then encouraging them to dress appropriately can have positive effects on how they interact with the world around them.

If your senior loved one has trouble dressing up, consider learning how to do it with them.

A person’s ability to get dressed can be affected by certain health conditions, including arthritis, stroke, or dementia. Having a family member help them could make the task of dressing up easier for them. Some seniors employ home care assistance to aid in day-to-day tasks such as hygiene and dressing up. Talk to a reliable senior living advisor to figure out which program is appropriate for their condition.

If an elder is not comfortable wearing particular types of clothes, then don’t force them to keep wearing them. Try to keep in mind how clothing feels on their bodies as well as if they are comfortable wearing it.

When deciding what to wear, consider the weather conditions of that day. An elder shouldn’t wear anything which will make them feel uncomfortable—like too hot or too cold.

Encourage your elders to express themselves through their clothing, but make sure they are not wearing something inappropriate for the situation.

However, if an elder resists, do not force them. It is the best way to sabotage their self-esteem.

Elders might find that dressing for special occasions is a great way to boost their confidence and feel like they can still fit in with the rest of the world.

Respect their right to choose what they wear, but be sure that if they are wearing something because of your insistence that it is at least somewhat appropriate for the occasion.

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