Mind Hug: Getting Mental Well-Being Help in the Pandemic

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The pandemic has given you a lot of time to pursue things you’ve been putting on hold for too long. Sadly, it’s also given you some barriers to overcome. With the stay apart and social distancing protocols currently being enforced, it’s hard to just go and visit your neighbors, friends, or loved ones to catch up.

If you’re stuck indoors, you shouldn’t get worried about what lies beyond what you can see. Instead, you can focus on things that you can control for your peace of mind. For instance, try seeing what improvements you can create in your home — be it an extension for your home office or improving that louvered covering for your patio. These are tangible things you can do something about.

There are around one in ten people around the world who suffer from uncertainties, and that’s even without the pandemic. To ease these uncertainties, people can undergo certain changes and do manageable self-care activities. Take a look at the remedies they can avail of.

Connections are needed all the more

During this time, there are many people who are facing uncertain moments. You never know whether your relative or your friend is going through a tougher time than normal. It’s a good thing to stay connected to them. However, given the pandemic restrictions, you can protect them by still being there for them even when you’re apart. Now, how do you do that?

There’s never been a better time to use video calling apps than now. These apps are available for use, whether free or paid, and they’re already being used by companies who are in a remote work arrangement with their employees.

If you need to check up on your relatives and your friends, these apps can serve that purpose, too. Even just a simple catch-up or a small greeting goes a long way.

Consider helping and supporting others

The pandemic may not be the best time to be all friendly with the neighbors, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to start.

When you wake up in the morning, consider greeting your neighbors when you happen to go outside. Remember to do it from a distance, of course. Keep in mind that the pandemic is around, and you’ll be just fine saying hello without having to walk over to them.

If they need help, then lend a helping hand. However, remember to wash thoroughly and bring a disinfectant when you go over. It’ll help everyone if you stay aware of the situation at hand.

Be open about your worries

This is a time when everyone doubts whether things are going to ever be okay. It’s okay not to feel okay — and that also includes you.

If you feel like you’re the one who needs attention from your friends or relatives, don’t be afraid to reach out. You never know whether sharing your fears and doubts with one another will open another dimension of your bond.

Your family and friends are doing their best to cope with the situation. Take inspiration from them and try to make the best out of the pandemic and the lockdown. There are still opportunities that are available right now.

Get away from social media

writing a journal

You can also take time to look around you and see what’s affecting your mental health. It could very well be the type of content you consume.

The news can be a very powerful tool for knowing what’s currently happening at the moment. However, if you take in too much of it, it can also be a source of detrimental information. Just as your body needs a break, so do your mind and your emotions.

It can be pretty depressing to hear about the rising cases and the number of infected individuals every day. If this is already getting to you, recovering from it is as simple as standing up, walking to the TV (or moving the mouse, if you’re on your computer), and changing the channel or visiting another page.

Exercise does wonders

If you were an active person before the pandemic, there are still ways to maintain a workout routine. You can exercise just around your block; you don’t need to go very far to break a sweat.

If you’re not very fond of exercises, you can choose to meditate instead. You can also eat healthy foods and get plenty of sleep. All of this is geared toward getting your body — and its immunity to diseases — into the best shape possible.

Coping with the pandemic is more stressful than ever, so you need to choose to love yourself both inside and out. If you manage to keep yourself in the best mental shape possible, you’ll have an easier time navigating it.

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