Gardening as Stress Reliever: Rage Gardening as a Form of Self-meditation

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Let’s face it, COVID-19 has driven everyone crazy in different ways. Stress and anxiety have become widespread during the pandemic, as people were forced to switch gears and embrace the ‘new normal. This means surrendering our freedom and social life by staying at home to protect ourselves and others.

Being in quarantine has got everyone bored and mentally distressed. The amount of free time they have encouraged them to find ways to stay entertained and occupied. Those who are dealing with frustration and anger channel these negative emotions into other forms of relief. From rage cleaning, rage baking, rage, to DIYing—and now rage gardening.

Rage gardening has become a full-contact sport for those who want to get their hands dirty. Taking life’s frustrations towards plants has become therapeutic, which got everyone taking their garden seriously. That’s why it’s not surprising to see gardening businesses seeing historic levels of demand during the pandemic. These include Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation that offers artificial grass intallations for residential and commercial fields.

If you’re curious about giving rage gardening a try, we’ll give you a brief discussion of how gardening has become a constructive way to ease anger.

What is rage gardening?

Rage gardening has nothing to do with anger, rage, and other violent emotions. In fact, it’s actually the opposite. It’s important to note that gardening has the ability to calm one’s mind and soul, making it an ideal counterpoint to anger. In definition, rage gardening is a type of mindfulness activity that offers escape from life’s greatest stressors, leading to a path of good health and mental clarity.

Gardening is a full-contact activity that requires a person to engage physically and mentally. It nourishes the body, heals the soul, and encourages purpose. While gardening involves a lot of dirty work, it offers something incredibly therapeutic about digging the ground with a shovel as sunlight beats downs your body.

When gardening, you don’t mind getting sweaty and dirty because working outside allows you to get that daily dose of fresh air and the earthy aroma of your plants. It also gets your blood pumping, which signals that you’re burning some calories. Also, exerting yourself physically offers a unique connection with your body as you enter the world of selflessness.

So, rage gardening is not just a boredom buster; it’s a self-care activity that allows you to focus beyond yourself while aiming to reach a state of being and bliss.

What makes rage gardening a stress reliever?

gardening materials

Rage, like other emotions, triggers a certain psychological response in our bodies. Instead of displacing your range into other people, rage gardening allows you to pour those negative emotions into the soil and bring a plant to life while subsequently nourishing your body.

Gardening affects our mental health in positive ways. Nature and soil are two elements that bring together to interrupt the body’s stress response, resulting in a positive mood.

About a decade ago, researchers discovered that soil bacteria have drug-like effects, making us happier and smarter. A physician named Mary O’Brien created a serum from soil for cancer patients and noticed patients experienced fewer cancer symptoms and improved vitality, emotional health, and cognitive function. This is why soil becomes a form of happy dirt because of its mood-boosting benefits.

Rage gardening is also a form of exercise, which is good for the immune system. It also helps us develop a stronger connection to our surroundings and lead a slow, stress-free life. This is particularly beneficial to people with impulsive behavior and anger issues by allowing them to calm their minds and make reasonable responses.

How to start a rage garden

Rage gardening offers a wonderful way to turn our ugly outdoor yards into something magical and inviting. You can start by pulling every dead plant and annoying weeds in your garden. This gives your anger a worthwhile outlet by tearing out everything that ruins the quality and appearance of your yard.

Next is to lean into routine tasks, such as planting seeds and watering plants. As you work on the soil and plants, you can try self-meditation while breathing in the smell of air and soil into your lungs.

The best plants for rage gardening depend on the person’s favorite garden plants. A great tip is to choose plants that require extra care so you have more time to venture into the garden and release your emotions. You may consider planting vegetables (e.g., tomatoes, carrots, and lettuce) and herbs (e.g., mint, parsley, and basil). If you want something colorful, plant sunflowers and marigolds.

Every person deserves to find that one thing that makes them happy, relaxed, and satisfied. Life can sometimes be hard, and when there’s no extra time left for self-care, resentment and frustration will build up. So if life gets tough, why not go to the yard and do some rage gardening instead? This will not only keep you stress-free, but you’re giving your garden the TLC it deserves.

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