The Perfect Furniture to Maximize Small Spaces

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There’s no guessing how long the coronavirus will keep people indoors or, at the very least, hesitant to stand less than six feet apart from strangers. More people are choosing to work, study, and stay time indoors until the virus has been contained. And if you’re among the individuals who remain cautious until a vaccine comes out, now’s the best time to redecorate your home.

It’s especially important to give your house a makeover if you have limited space. Free up your living area so you can have more room to move around when you can’t (or if you choose not to) go outside.

Maximize your limited living space by decorating it with the right furniture.

Clear up Floor Space with Storage Chairs and Vertical Shelves

A small home or apartment does not necessarily mean being stuck in tight spaces. When choosing handcrafted furniture to match your interiors, make sure they’re as functional as they are aesthetic.

One thing you can do to keep your clutter contained is to install vertical shelves. A tall shelf or bookcase doesn’t take up much floor space. Yet, it provides a lot of storage space for books, picture frames, albums, travel souvenirs, and any other thing that you want to display.

The bench in your living room or the ottoman in your bedroom can serve multiple purposes too. Choose furniture that doubles as storage spaces for coffee table clutter that bothers you. You can also use this type of furniture to store bed sheets, blankets, towels, and other objects that barely fit in your cupboards.

Set Up a Corner Desk in Your Home Office

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Working from home could get distracting, especially your bedroom is a few steps away, and your boss isn’t there to tell you off. Make it easy to resist temptation by setting up a home office. It shouldn’t take up too much space if you use the right furniture for it. For example, set up a corner desk in an underutilized area.

Clear up one corner of your living room, bedroom, or guest room. Then, set up a table just big enough to accommodate your computer and maybe a little more space for you to organize bills and paperwork. You’ll realize you don’t need one entire room to serve as your home office. A quiet corner is enough.

On a related note, consider exchanging living room tables with c-stand tables. They have a minimal base that clears up some floor space. You can easily tuck it between chairs or between the couch and a wall.

Turn a Bare Wall into the Focal Point

It’s not enough to have space-saving and multipurpose furniture. Create a functional focal point when decorating a small living space. You can opt for a traditional focal point: artwork. Or, you can turn a bare wall into storage space. Add shelves and hooks, then display some of your most prized possession on there. It solves some of your storage concerns and serves as a conversation starter for your guests.

What other ways do you plan to decorate your limited living space?

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