Ways to Achieve Contentment in Life

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If you ask your friends and family if they are content, you’ll likely get a wide variety of ways to say ‘no.’ Chances are big that you feel the same way. Who can blame you? Contentment isn’t the easiest thing to come by these days, given the constant bombardment of brands and influencers on social media. Everywhere you turn, you’re told that you need this and that to be truly happy in life. Perhaps you’ve tried all of them and you’re still left wanting for more, which is what brings you to this moment exactly. You want to know how to feel content in this modern age and whether it’s even possible.

The good news is that contentment is something you can enjoy right here and now. It might take a while of unlearning some values and beliefs, but there are things you can do daily to build up to it. The best way to do this is to start slowly and with these three underrated health advice.

You Get a Lot by Sharing

When talking about health, rarely will you see ‘sharing’ among the top five tips. Exercising, eating more vegetables, and stress management are some of the most common advice you’ll hear from all the doctors and health gurus. While there’s nothing wrong with that, they’re often focused on what you can do for yourself, not for others.

Remember that humans are social beings, and what you do affects others one way or another. In the same way, what the people around you do also impacts you either positively or negatively. If you want to feel more content with your life, then begin by sharing. Redirect your family, friends, and colleagues some of the energy you put into making yourself feel good.

The logic behind this is that it breaks the entitlement mindset. When you start taking in the bigger picture, you’re better able to see your blessings and zoom out of your lack mentality. Regardless of whether it’s a big or small act, sharing helps you develop a grateful heart, which is the ultimate key to contentment.

Laughter is an Infectious Bug

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There are days when sharing is difficult and being grateful feels impossible. What do you do then? If you’re tempted to curb your discontent by making unnecessary purchases or posting another selfie on social media, fight it by laughing. Randomly bursting into manic laughter might not be the best practice, which is why it’s good to stock up on your favorite sitcom and comedy movies. Enhance the experience by getting cozy in your favorite café in Colorado while going over the funniest books of all time, both fiction and nonfiction.

Better yet, invite your friends to watch a funny speaker so that you can laugh your hearts out with an audience of hundreds. In today’s society, laughter is the cheapest and most effective way to fend off that gnawing feeling of dissatisfaction in your life.

Check how you feel afterward and whether your perspective on that purchase or upsetting situation changed. You might find that it only takes a heartfelt laugh to remind you that you’re doing well in life and you just needed a good reminder of it.

Mindful Minutes Pay Off

There will be days when you’ll feel several bouts of discontentment in a day. You’ll remember that appliance you don’t have or that opportunity you missed, and suddenly being grateful is the most difficult thing to do. When this happens, spend a minute of mindfulness.

Become aware of what you possess, materially and otherwise. You don’t even need to wait for discontent to settle in before you practice this. Spend a mindful minute before you eat, exercise, shower, go to work, and sleep. Spend longer right after you wake up so that you can start your day on a good note. Continually honoring your progress this way keeps your mind healthy enough to culture an environment of contentment.

Slow Progress is Okay

Don’t expect that doing these things will result in a drastic lifestyle overhaul in just a couple of days. If you’ve been living a life of discontent for a while, then it might take longer to develop a new mindset. Be mindful of your progress and move forward at a slow but sure pace towards a happier version of yourself.

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