Working Mom’s Guide to Work-life Balance: Finding the Sweet Spot

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The role of a working mom is challenging. The commitment one has to make in balancing life and profession can be draining and even takes a significant toll on their mental health. According to studies, over 9.8 million working mothers experienced workplace burnout due to the unbalanced demands of their career and personal lives. 

Sadly, not all women are privileged to be stay-at-home moms. Others are left with no choice but to help put food on the table, while some choose to pursue their passion so that they can provide a better future for themselves and their families. For whatever reason, nonetheless, one thing remains true. The demand for career-driven mothers to find the right balance and meet the expectations of both ends is imperative.

Accept your reality

First things first–we must acknowledge that both mothers and fathers bear responsibility for making it work for their families. That means, just because a woman decides to follow her dreams doesn’t make her an irresponsible mother. Likewise, working does not equate to neglecting her motherly duties. On the contrary, studies show that children raised by working moms are more likely to pursue better jobs and earn higher salaries. 

Consequently, we need to stop putting the burden and pressure on men to be the sole provider for their family’s needs. It is time to let go of these sexist stereotypes to have a more progressive society–and the best place to start is with you. Understand that working towards your dream does not make you less of a mother. Nor does choosing children overwork make it more admirable than those who prefer a different path. 

If any, both should be equally celebrated and respected. Let go of that mom guilt society demands you to feel, and instead, focus on the good and how your current set-up benefits your family.

Use shortcuts to save time

Juggling two busy lifestyles require routines, planning, and utilizing all available equipment, tools, and innovation to help you save time. For example, set a schedule to do your groceries. If going to the store isn’t possible, have them delivered to your doorstep through online services. You can also prepare a list of what you need for the week and have it with you when you shop. This is to avoid going in circles or forgetting essential items.

On the weekends, you can prepare your office, conferences, and client meeting outfits for the week so you can bond with your kids and relax at home. If you have hobbies that let you de-stress, such as planting or gardening, make a priority list of every task and equipment needed to sustain your plants. 

Consider factors that can affect the survival of your garden. This can range from the soil used, weather conditions, and season. For example, watering your plants may be time-consuming during summer and spring, so consider having a quality irrigation system installed to do the job for you.

Communicate your situation well

Contrary to popular belief, working moms aren’t less effective, nor are they less dedicated employees. If any, studies show that employers can benefit from working parents as they display more dedication, productivity, and better work skills. Moreover, 91% of working moms in the United States show unique leadership styles beneficial for the company.

However, some situations require adjustments that you need to address appropriately. This includes giving birth, your children needing medical help, assistance in school, and family matters, to name a few. So make sure to communicate these needs to your employer well and know your rights as an employee. If possible, negotiate where you can meet halfway in exchange for giving you more flexibility and wiggle room in your work schedule in times of family emergencies.

Society has put too much pressure and demands on women to be perfect in everything they do. She has to know it all the moment she learns to walk and talk; she has to strive more despite achieving much, she has to be the glue to keep her family together, and she takes the blame if anything goes south. Still, she never seems to be enough. 

These toxic expectations we put on people are paralyzing, and it has to stop now. Instead, respect each other’s journey and focus on your growth as individuals, as a career woman, as a family man, and as human beings. Remember that your personal decisions should not be subject to criticism. Instead, strive to find that balance by sticking with a plan and changing your state of mind.

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