Deceptive Designer Homes: Big Money Looks on a Tight Budget

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You might’ve spent the best part of the year with everyone in lockdown, looking at inspiration to keep you from getting bored. Most people decided to focus on making their homes look the best they can be. If this is you, then you obviously might’ve thought of a few additions to make your home IG-worthy.

The problem is in the pandemic itself. With all that has been going on, the budget has been tight. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to keep their jobs despite being sent home, you’ll want to keep most of your savings for when you really need it. Fortunately, there’s a way to shop for those horizontal composite fence panels for the patio or that new chair for your home office without breaking the bank.

If you’ve decided to add a few more rooms or tear down some in your home for a full-on rebuild, you can totally do that, even during the pandemic. Here’s how you can do it and still save for the lean times.

Choose to Add Rather than Expand

In a time like the pandemic, every savings counts towards having a better time against the lockdown. If you’re going to build your home, you should try to consider adding up rather than expanding the floor area. The reason for this is simple: adding more to the floor area costs more than if you’re going to add floors.

If you can, consider creating a home with two or more floors (three should do) instead of just expanding the bungalow. The cost lowers significantly since you’re freeing space in the foundation, and this area tends to be the most expensive to renovate out of all.

Hiring the Right Team

When you’re building during the pandemic, you have to consider picking out the right crew. Aside from the builders following all the necessary protocols, you also have to do your homework. Pick the right crew that mixes quality with the best price on the market.

When cash is considered valuable, the best price means the most affordable team for your budget. You should also make sure that they’re competent enough; hiring an affordable crew that lacks the proper licenses or the right knowledge will end up more costly in the long run.

Search for known crews in your area by asking around. Your neighbors, as well as your relatives and friends, will surely know the right team for whatever job you might want to get done.

Use Your Knowledge for your Project


If you’ve got the know-how, you can also act as a contractor for your home renovation to free up more cash. Figures show that owners who manage to become their own contractors can save up to 20% on their budget when rebuilding their homes.

There are cases where people also did the contracting job. It’s not as easy as doing things yourself (similar to a minor project), but it’ll be worth it if you have the team and if it just happens to be your day job as well.

Do remember to hire other subcontractors for things you do not know about doing. For instance, hire plumbers for the piping if you and your team have no idea how to do it.

Minor Renovations on Furniture Can Do the Trick

If you have no plans to renovate your home, you could consider making your old furniture new. You don’t need to buy refurbished or brand-new furniture to replace the ones you already have. You’ll be able to get substantial savings this way.

It can be as simple as swapping materials on your furniture. For a closer look, it can be as simple as swapping the legs on your old furniture to something that would make it fit with the times.

Look for Close Reproductions

Most rebuilds or home renovation projects are done to achieve a certain look. If you’re going for an 80s themed house or creating a certain look, consider placing reproductions in your home.

Almost all of these items are affordable and are also period-authentic pieces, lending the right look to achieve whatever theme you may have. They are also made of materials like reused wood and plastic shells, making them even cheaper than you may have imagined otherwise. You’ll get the look you want, and you’ll get massive savings on your furniture shopping as well.

If you know where to look and have a clear idea of the look you want to achieve, home rebuilds and renovations don’t have to be pricey. Consider taking a long look at your home before you decide on any pandemic rebuild right now.

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