Sunlight: Why Your Home Needs It

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  • Sunlight benefits physical and mental health, providing Vitamin D, reducing stress hormones, and improving mood.
  • Natural lighting reduces energy expenses and increases productivity.
  • Rooflights and skylights are great renovation options to let more sunlight in.
  • Large windows and mirrors can also reflect natural light effectively.
  • Sunlight renovations increase a home’s value and reduce energy costs.

Sunlight is an essential aspect of people’s daily lives. It is not just something you need to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach but is also an integral part of our physical and mental health. Homeowners should know that ample sunlight is essential for maintaining a healthy and happy home. While most people think sunlight is the primary source of natural light that illuminates your home, it goes beyond that.

The Science Behind Sunlight

Sunlight comes from the sun, which radiates energy through visible light, infrared radiation, and ultraviolet radiation. Sunlight provides much more than just visible light. The UVB rays in sunlight help create Vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for many reasons, such as its role in regulating calcium metabolism, supporting healthy bones, and even warding off depression. Here are some benefits of having more sunlight in your home and how you can renovate your home to have more sunlight.

Natural lighting at home

Natural Lighting

Natural light offers many benefits, including being an excellent source of vitamin D for our bodies. Natural lighting reduces your home’s energy expenses, increases productivity, and helps regulate your body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Health Benefits

Sunlight has numerous essential benefits to your physical and mental health. Exposure to sunlight helps reduce stress hormones and promote the release of feel-good hormones, boosting your mood and energy levels. It’s also the most effective way of boosting vitamin D levels, an essential vitamin that plays a vital role in the immune system and overall body wellness. You can enjoy these benefits by sitting near a window facing the sunlight, leaving curtains or shades open, spending time outside, and incorporating indoor plants that need sunlight to thrive.

Keeps Your Home Aesthetically Appealing

Sunlight enhances the beauty quotient in your home. With ample sunlight, the walls get saturated with the warmth and vibrancy the sunshine bestows, making it more appealing and enhancing the room’s aesthetic. Sunlight also has a unique way of creating different shades on walls and across spaces at different times of the day, making it a delight to the eyes. Your home will likely have an upbeat aura that helps set the mood for your everyday life, creating a positive impact.

Energy efficiency at work

Energy Efficiency

It’s estimated that the average cost of electricity in the U.K. is around 34p to 52p. This can be pretty expensive, especially if you’re in dire need of warmth in your home. Natural sunlight keeps your home warmer during winter seasons, reducing your home’s heating expenses.

You can strategically place windows that allow more sunlight into your home’s interior space, taking advantage of the sun’s warmth for free. In the summer, keeping your curtains closed during the day can help block out the sunlight, preventing excessive heat from entering your home, hence reducing your cooling expenses.

Increases Home Value

Natural daylight and the warmth it brings are valuable selling points in the real estate market. Homes with natural light and ample sunlight are popular among buyers, making it a compelling feature for installations like skylights and large windows on the list of must-haves in their dream home.

Renovation Options For More Sunlight in Your Home

If you want more sunlight in your home, consider renovating it. Here are four effective renovation options:


It’s great to install some roof lights for your home. It’s an efficient way to let sunlight penetrate your home and reduce energy consumption. Rooflights are practical, easy to install, and cost-effective. Consider installing a roof light with robust polycarbonate mardome. This material is an excellent choice as it is more durable than glass and resistant to extreme weather conditions.


Adding skylights is another excellent way to bring in more sunlight. Skylights provide ample natural light and amazing sky views, making your room look and feel larger. Ensure you have high-performance glazing panes on the skylight for better insulation during colder seasons.

Large Windows

Installing large windows can help increase the amount of daylight entering your home. These windows are perfect for rooms that lack natural light or need just a little extra boost of sunlight. Consider installing more expansive windows with double-glazed panes for maximum efficiency.


Using mirrors is an effective way of reflecting natural sunlight and brightening up a space. Place mirrors near windows or walls facing the sun to reflect and spread sunlight around your home. This helps make dark spaces brighter without relying too much on artificial light sources.

Sunlight is an essential part of keeping a healthy and happy home. Not only does it provide ample natural lighting, but it also offers numerous health benefits, like boosting vitamin D levels and reducing stress hormones. With the right renovations, you can let more sunlight into your home, making it feel warmer and look more aesthetically pleasing. Invest in quality renovation materials such as robust polycarbonate mardomes or double-glazed panes for maximum efficiency. These upgrades can increase your home’s value and reduce energy expenses.

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