Home Security After a Break-In: What You Need to Know

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  • Reinforce your doors and windows with new locks, deadbolts, strike plates, and security bars to protect against future break-ins.
  • Consider replacing old locks with newer models for added security and installing window sensors to detect any tampering from the outside.
  • Motion sensor lights can be installed in strategic locations around the house as a deterrent.
  • Invest in a home security system such as a smart home system for comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

No homeowner wants to experience the shock of returning home to find that a break-in has occurred. But if you do, taking the necessary steps to ensure your home is safe and secure again should be your top priority. Here’s a look at some essential home security improvements you should make after a burglary so that you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected and won’t happen again.

Reinforce Your Doors and Windows

One of the most important steps after a burglary is reinforcing your doors and windows. This includes replacing broken locks or damaged frames and adding extra locks or deadbolts to all entry points. Here are ways to make this more effective:

Replace Old or Ineffective Locks

It’s important to make sure all your locks are functioning properly. If you have any more than five years old locks, it’s recommended that you replace them with newer models for added security. You can reinforce it with a deadbolt to ensure the door is extra secure.

Install a Strike Plate

A strike plate is an extra-long metal plate that reinforces the door frame around the lock. A quality strike plate should be steel and have 3-inch long screws for greater security. These are great on all exterior doors, but you may also want to consider adding them to interior doors.

Reinforcing Window Locks

In addition to your doors, you should also look at the windows’ locks. If they are old or damaged, replace them with new ones that are more reliable and secure. Installing additional locks is an effective way to ensure your windows can’t be easily opened from the outside. Additionally, if you have any windows on the ground level, consider installing security bars to make it even harder for intruders to gain access.

Get Professional Help

It’s always best to let professionals handle any home security repair work that needs to be done. This includes anything from replacing locks to installing new security systems. An emergency locksmith can be a great resource for any emergency break-in repairs or issues that need to be addressed immediately. They can come to your home, assess the damage, and recommend the best solutions whenever you need them.

A locksmith fixing, replacing a house door lock

Install an Alarm System

Installing an alarm system is another way to increase the security of your home after a break-in. Depending on what type of system you choose and how many features it has, costs can range from several hundred dollars to thousands. However, it’s worth noting that alarm systems can also deter potential burglars before they even attempt a break-in—which could save you far more money in the long run. Many different types of alarm systems are available. Here are your options:

Smart Home Security Systems

These systems allow you to control and monitor your home from anywhere using a mobile app. You can arm and disarm the system remotely, get notifications when someone enters or leaves your house, and even view live video footage of what’s happening in real time. To customize your security level, you can set these systems up with motion sensors, exterior cameras, and other features.

Install Window Sensors

If your home has multiple windows vulnerable to break-ins, installing sensors on each window can be a great deterrent. When someone attempts to tamper with the window, an alarm will alert you of the attempted break-in. Window sensors are also equipped with motion detection to detect movement inside the home when you’re away.

Motion Sensor Lights

A motion sensor light installed on a brick wall

Installing motion sensor lights outside your home is another way to deter potential burglars. When someone approaches the house, these sensors detect movement and trigger the lights to turn on to create a visible deterrent. Opt for lights with a wide range of motion detection, so they can pick up any movement from multiple angles. Also, ensure that your lights are placed strategically around the house, near entryways, windows, and decks.

Being a victim of a break-in is traumatic and can leave you feeling vulnerable and scared. But if you take the necessary steps to strengthen your home security measures, you can rest assured that your home will no longer be at risk. With these tips, you can make your home safe and secure again.

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