Make Room for Blooms: Expanding Your Garden

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This is every plant-loving person’s dilemma: so many plants, so little space. Whether you are growing a flowering or vegetable garden, chances are, you wish that you had more space for your greens and blooms. Expanding your garden might sound like a good idea, but many believe that it is more than challenging.

However, you can always exercise your creativity, which will help you find new corners and spaces for your plants. If you are looking for some pointers to make this endeavor much more efficient, you are reading the right guide.

Take note of the following insights for your planned garden expansion:

The direction of the expansion

The direction of your expansion will largely depend on the size and orientation of your space. Nevertheless, when you are planning to expand the garden, always think of the health of your plants. Pick a place with enough sunlight and access to beneficial insects, such as bees. If one side of your garden is significantly exposed to the sun, you might want to build a shade to protect sensitive plants. If you are living in a house with a small garden, consider vertical expansion, meaning maximizing the walls where your plants can thrive.

Thinking inside the box

When it comes to vertical expansion, keep in mind that you have a couple of options to take. And you can explore different creative plans. The safest method for vertical gardening is to use boxes that can be attached to the wall. But if you are looking for containers that do not take too much space, you can use pockets that are made of landscape fabric for herbs and small plants. Vertical gardening also encourages sustainable practices, such as recycling plastic bottles and tin cans and using them as containers for your plants.


Decluttering your garden

You know that you have a large backyard, but it still looks small. It’s either your garden has too many plants, or you have unnecessary items and things lying around. Analyze the use of your garden, and start decluttering. When you get rid of the things that you do not need, you will realize that you have a bigger space for your new plants and flowers. While you are at it, organize your plants to save space. For example, you can hang some of your herbs on the walls to make room for bushes and deep-rooted plants.

Managing the irrigation

Water is life for your plants, so you must make sure that there is enough water for them. Make access easier by designing an efficient system. For one, you can use a lawn irrigation system for your flower garden to water your plants much more efficiently.

Watch your greens grow

Your garden space always matters. The beauty and health of your garden greatly rely on the type of space it is in. When the area is designed for sustainable growth, you can expect to have plants and flowers that are in great shape.

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