Getting Married with the Environment in Mind

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Tons of non-recyclable plastic or non-biodegradable items are left behind at weddings all over the world. The thing is, many couples are not even aware of the waste their weddings could generate. For instance, a wedding can leave around 20kg of plastic waste that takes 90 years to break down. The black bags that are normally used to collect the waste are bad for the environment as well.

If you don’t want to be a sustainability offender, it’s important to carefully plan your wedding, from the preparations up to the day itself. Luckily for you, organizing an eco-friendly wedding doesn’t mean you’ll need to sacrifice the aesthetic standards. Let’s explore some cool ways you and your partner can make that happen.

Find the perfect green venue

The first thought you might have in mind for a green venue is an outdoor space. You can choose a picturesque vineyard, rolling hills, or a lush forest. Many couples even opt for a beach wedding to take advantage of the lighting and serene waters. But if you are concerned about the weather, there are also some eco-friendly venues you can opt for. For one, you can go for a dreamy conservatory crafted by leading event center builders.

From smart weather features to a sustainable build, you can enjoy a greenhouse experience at your wedding. You can also look for event spaces and hotels that use environmentally designed lighting.

Consider ethical wedding rings

The mining of diamonds and gemstones has a long bad history for laborers and the planet. So, when buying your engagement ring or wedding bands, always consider ethical ones. There are several ethical wedding jewelers in the market today that use recycled materials and conflict-free or recycled diamonds for their products. Much like mined diamonds, lab-grown counterparts are equally stunning but have smaller environmental and social impacts. The best part is, lab-grown diamonds typically cost less than mined ones.

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Work with like-minded florists

New, fresh flowers are undoubtedly mesmerizing to look at. But it’s saddening to think how most of them end up in the trash after the wedding. To reduce waste, find a florist who is experienced in arranging eco-friendly centerpieces, bouquets, or arrangements. They can create bouquets out of foraged materials, potted plants, or different dry flower arrangements that you can give to guests once the event is over.

Eco-conscious florists also use biodegradable centerpieces ditching traditional foam that has harmful chemicals. It would be best if your florist will also use certified organic and seasonal blooms from local gardeners.

Keep it minimal

Extravagant or big weddings are awesome, but doing too much means more potential waste too. The new trend? Minimalist events. Going minimal on your wedding setup allows you to make things a little more intimate, simple, and eco-friendly. At the same time, you can cut costs too. Many couples also decide to keep things minimal to focus more on the intimacy of the ceremony, making them the center of attention. Furthermore, instead of buying new decor items, why not check out thrift stores, antique shops, or flea markets?

Source local, organic food

Speaking of organic bloom, you can also source seasonal and organic food from local farmers. Not only are you helping the environment but also the community. Local markets and farm shops typically use less packing on their products. Plus, you can cut on the long transport required for your wedding catering. If you don’t intend to prepare and cook your own food for the menu, hire local caterers. Furthermore, avoid buying disposable plates, glasses, or bowls. Renting or buying recyclable or glass crockery is a more eco-friendly decision. As for the drinks, look for local beers or organic wine options.

Try to give back

Many soon-to-be-married couples these days prioritize giving back following their celebration. For instance, you can donate your leftover ensembles, decor, and other items to charity shops. This is a great way to recycle or repurpose items instead of throwing them right away in landfills. Other couples also organize a charity registry, wherein your guests will buy items for eco-friendly charities or donations.

Search for environmental charities you could support before starting the registry, so your guests will readily know where their donations will go.

Planning a sustainable wedding doesn’t have to be much more difficult than organizing a less eco-conscious day. There are a lot more green ways to have an eco-friendly wedding, so don’t hesitate to explore. Reduce your waste from food to paper goods, and help in saving our natural resources.

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