Top Renovation Projects for Commercial Properties Amid the Pandemic

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There’s no denying how home remodeling projects have boomed during this COVID-19 crisis. In fact, many individuals and families have renovated their living spaces to boost their aesthetics, functionality, safety, and comfort.

But did you know that some business owners and property managers have considered building renovation projects during the pandemic? Some took advantage of renovating their commercial spaces during lockdowns. Others pursued building improvement projects before reopening their business establishments.

There are a handful of benefits that come with renovating your property during this pandemic. These include minimal distractions, less downtime, a competitive advantage, and money-saving. If you’re looking to improve your commercial space, here are top building remodeling projects to undertake:

1. Building interior and exterior repainting

It’s a good idea to give your commercial building a fresh look during this pandemic. There are a handful of ways to give it a facelift. However, one of the best ways is to have repainting.

Whether the interior or exterior, repainting can transform the overall look and appearance of your commercial building. However, be highly critical in selecting the appropriate color scheme. Why? The combination of hues can set the mood and create the overall ambiance. That is where color psychology comes into play.

2. Interior design with health and safety measures

When it comes to the renovation of a commercial building, interior designing is the key. But in a COVID-stricken world, the focus is not just on aesthetics and functionality. Business owners and property managers now put emphasis on health and safety.

That said, Forbes provides a few recommendations for your commercial building, as follows:

  • Installing communal hand sanitizers
  • Utilizing touchless technology
  • Redesigning office layout with social distances
  • Using materials that are free of and resistant to microbes
  • Expanding outdoor spaces and incorporating with the indoor spaces
  • Installing air infiltration
  • Having various centers for video conferencing

3. Proper building insulation

Commercial properties have a high energy consumption. As such, business owners or property managers spend so much on monthly utility bills. For this reason, they are looking to boost the energy efficiency of their commercial properties.

Apart from investing in energy-efficient equipment and systems, one way to increase energy efficiency is the proper insulation of your commercial building. It entails looking at various entry points in your property, such as the doors and windows. For instance, consider window tinting or installing solar window films for your building. Doing so will protect your commercial space from the sun’s heat and radiation.

4. HVAC installation or update

For the most part, commercial spaces require temperature control. In the office, for instance, employees expect a comfortable working environment. That way, they can work properly and boost their productivity every day. Other commercial properties require a warm environment for production.

That said, it’s best to consider installing a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system on your property. This system will allow you to control and regulate the temperature inside your commercial space. If you already have heating and cooling systems in place, update them by having HVAC maintenance at least twice a year. Ultimately, doing so is best during this pandemic.

5. Plumbing maintenance and repair

a plumber

Commercial buildings have plumbing systems in place. They ensure the distribution of water supply and the proper disposal of wastewater. It’s practical to tackle plumbing maintenance and repair during this pandemic.

In fact, it’s best to do so before reopening your establishment. Make sure to hire professional plumbers to inspect your plumbing system thoroughly. While at it, consider getting plumbing issues fixed right away. These include water leaks, leaky faucets, clogged drains, and inconsistent water supply.

6. Commercial roofing repair or replacement

Another building renovation project to tackle during this pandemic is your roofing system. You can either have a commercial roofing repair or a new roofing installation. Now is the best time to pay particular attention to this, as your commercial building is closed or partially operational.

The initial step is to have a thorough inspection of your roofing system. Your roof most likely has holed, displaced, or missing shingles and some damages in different roofing parts such as the flashing, fascia, soffit, and eaves. Be sure to work with professional roofers to address these problems. If not, consider having a roofing replacement with more robust materials.

At this point, you now have a robust idea of what building renovation projects to pursue during this pandemic. Consider some remodeling tips recommended above, from building repainting to HVAC installation or update to roofing repair or replacement.

Before reopening, you want to bring out the best in your commercial property, whether it’s an office, hotel, or retail store. Ultimately, a newly renovated building will bring in more customers or clients and kick your business up a notch.



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