How You Can Achieve an Eco-friendly Vacation

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With every passing day, the environment gets polluted with the daily activities of humans. However, we’re fortunate enough to be living in an era that realizes the importance of lowering their carbon footprint to build an eco-friendly way of living.

The only problem is when considering the pollution and harms to the environment. The only factors that come to everyone’s mind are automobiles or other industrial factories that might be causing damage to the environment. Damages that tourism is causing to the environment are very conveniently ignored.

The carbon emissions through transport, the wastage you create on traveling, the environmental damages caused by tourist spots to nature are some factors that are causing damage to the environment beyond your imagination.

Therefore, next time you plan a trip for your vacation, consider choosing a sustainable and eco-friendly way of traveling. Learn about major points to keep in mind when planning your next eco-friendly travel.

1. Your means of transportation

When planning your sustainable trip, the most important factor to consider is the way of commute you choose, because that can be one of the biggest causes of pollution. Try avoiding means of transports like traveling solo in your cars; always opt for transport that caters to masses. This way, the number of transportation causing carbon emission can be reduced.

It is an even better option to choose the commute with absolutely no carbon emissions, such as bicycle or walking. However, as beneficial as this can be for the environment and yourself, this can’t always be possible. So, when you have to travel far away or overseas, look for options with the least carbon emission, such as trains or airplanes. Also, look for companies that follow eco-friendly practices.

2. Choose the accommodation wisely

Hotel room

Once you’re at your destination, the next decision to make is to choose your accommodation. This will be something that will be effective during your entire trip. However, it’s necessary to do thorough research before visiting as Hotels can always portray a fake image to gain more points in this department.

Look into how they manage their food and disposal systems, if they have a sustainable dry cleaning or not? Also, inquire if their interior is environmentally friendly or not?

For instance, many hotels follow an eco-friendly way for their food management and grow their raw materials themselves or buy it from their local vendors. And how accurate is their waste management?

How a hotel operates its dry cleaning can be another major issue for environmental damage. This consumes a lot of electric power and pollutes water bodies like rivers and oceans.

Accordingly, hotels must be built sustainably or promote green ideas. You can check if they use materials such as shiplap wall paneling boards. These are timber boards used for wall paneling that is eco-friendly and a better option than steel, PVC, or aluminum.

You can also choose to live in guest rooms, or you can build a tent for yourself if possible.

3. Never look over your waste disposal

The change towards eco-friendly traveling also includes taking small steps within your activities. It is important to care about how you will help make the process a lot better and easier.

For instance, pack light when traveling and only carry essentials with you. Packing too much stuff can be a hassle for yourself, and you might need more transportation.

Next, carry more reusable or recyclable items. These can include your pads or water bottle and a lot more. The common mistake you’ll make while traveling is investing in water. Always carry your refillable water bottle. This will save you a fortune and also the environment from excessive plastic waste.

4. Choose eco-friendly activities on your trip

This is another way of helping in building a sustainable environment. When on your visit to any country, look for adventurous that are sustainable and might include nature. Things like snorkeling or stargazing or visiting beaches and many more like these can also be fun.

You can also choose to ride a bike around the city to get to know it better or visit their local markets. However, all of this must be done keeping in mind the ethics of the city you’re visiting. And make sure you do not damage their environment.

Happiness and new experiences should be the only reasons for traveling. Showing off on fancier hotels and destinations can only lead to environmental damage. Meanwhile, choosing a sustainable way of traveling will make your budgeting easy and give your life-changing experiences. So make the right choices when going on a trip.

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