Great Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy at Home

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Staying at home seems to be the norm nowadays with the whole world still being in the middle of the pandemic. Government officials have implemented laws that told their citizens to stay at home in order to prevent the spread of the virus. However, social distancing strategies can lead to adverse effects on your mental health.

In a study published by Cambridge University Press, there have been cases where older adults felt the effects of social isolation. Many of these individuals felt loneliness and this may result in serious mental and physical health consequences. Perhaps you have also felt the effects of isolation and have experienced not seeing your friends or family since the pandemic started. For you, many of your activities are now limited to waiting for your grocery order to be dropped off at your doorstep, or catching up with your loved ones on Zoom. For many people, distance can be a terrible thing.

While staying at home might seem monotonous and the great outdoors seems to be all but a distant memory, it does not mean that you cannot bring the fun of the outdoors without leaving your home. You can still engage yourself in some much-needed physical activity and stay safe. There is nothing more encouraging than that.

Fun Is For The Birds

The great thing about having a backyard is that you get to commune with nature. Sure you will encounter the occasional raccoon foraging for food, but you will also get to see different species of birds in their natural habitat.

Birds from all around the globe have traveled from far away places and are taking a breather after a long flight, while local birds are out looking for mates and have a song to sing. The best news is that you can get to witness all these right in the comfort of your own home. Be sure to get a good guide into bird watching, as well as a pair of binoculars. Also, be sure to get pictures because the beauty of nature always deserves to be photographed.

Bury The Past

Remember those days when you were a kid and you put some precious mementos of your childhood in a box and buried them? Why not do the same now? It is a way of making peace with the shadows of the past, acknowledging its role in the present, and welcoming it in the future. When you open up your time capsule in the future, you will remember what a memorable time the pandemic was, and how far humanity has gone since it happened.

It’s Always Sunny Here

One of the things you might miss the most about going outside is going to the beach and getting a healthy tan. The great news? That’s what outdoor patios are built for! You can enjoy a good sun tan while lying there on a beach towel. Be sure to be generous on the suntan lotion for you to get that golden glow.

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Read A Book and You Can Travel to Worlds Far Distant

When’s the last time you immersed yourself in a good book? While it might seem too dreamy, there are actually advantages to getting lost in reading. Melanie Green, Ph.D. of the University of Buffalo told NBC News that reading fiction brings to the reader a certain form of pleasure because of its ability to allow them to escape from boredom or stress. Whatever genre of literature suits your taste, you can certainly enjoy reading a good book in the comfort of your own backyard.

Find Your Center With Yoga

The events of the pandemic can bring about anxiety and stress, and nobody wants to have that. You might want to break out the yoga mat and give practicing yoga a try. Practicing yoga may just be the key to fight stress and find much-needed serenity.

Studies show that doing yoga helps reduce stress, lowers blood pressure, and even lowers your heart rate. The best thing is you can enjoy the beauty of yoga outdoors so that you may be one with nature as you find serenity.

Staying indoors does not have to make you feel isolated. It’s true that loneliness and anxiety can get to you, but it’s always better to live each day one day at a time. So, enjoy the video calls and the chats because one day distance will not separate you. Enjoy the calm and quiet of your backyard because one day it will be safe to once again venture outdoors and do the things you love.

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