The Keys to an Eco-friendly and Holistic Holiday

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Holistic holiday — people have been hyping about this for the last few years. Since self-care and mental health issues were brought to light, many people on social media shared how holistic holidays helped them heal. Some started practicing yoga, some got into meditation, and some tried wellness retreats. And all of them had the same thing to say about these self-care practices: It had reduced their stress and improved their mental health.

Self-care was also promoted during the pandemic. Many people also discovered new ways to treat themselves. They began a fitness journey, a healthy diet, or adopted a more positive mindset.

These lifestyle changes are characteristics of holistic living. Holistic living is a way of life that lets you connect to your whole self — a.k.a. your mind, body, and soul. For example, when you de-stress, you’re not just refreshing your mind. You’re also tending to your organs and re-evaluating your entire outlook in life.

Sustainable habits are also a big part of holistic living. Because you’re focused on your whole self, you’ll start to prioritize your needs over your wants. That could mean buying less stuff, and protecting the environment so that you can connect with nature better.

If holistic living is a bit intimidating for you, you can try having a holistic holiday first to see if it’ll fit you. Or just go on holistic travels every once in a while to recharge your energy and keep you grounded.

The Relationship Between Traveling and Holistic Health

Traveling makes you pay more attention to everything you do, from eating to grooming yourself. It also makes you realize how important it is to be with the person you’re traveling with. If you’re traveling alone, then you realize the importance of spending quality time with yourself. For those reasons, your destination only becomes a secondary factor in your travel.

Sure, you can choose a specific destination because of its beauty, but once you step foot in it, all you’d focus on is unwinding. You’ll seek new experiences not because of the place, but because of how it’ll make you feel.

You also become more health-conscious. Since you have to leave the place as healthy as you were when you arrived, you’d tend to avoid certain dishes. You may even bring your own food and beverages to maintain your diet.

These travel habits allow you to maintain a holistic health while abroad. You curb your appetite and keep your digestion smooth. You choose healthy meals to appreciate your destination’s authentic cuisine. And you also avoid alcohol because sobriety allows you to immerse in every moment. Even if you don’t realize it, these actions are holistic, and they’re beneficial for you.

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Ways to Make Your Regular Travels More Holistic

If you feel like your travels aren’t truly healthy, probably because of the food you eat and the activities you do, it’s not yet too late to change that. By including these activities in your itinerary, you’d learn to appreciate a calming and healing holiday:

  • Activities for the Physical Health

Try going on yoga retreats, Tai Chi and Qigong sessions, or other holistic physical activities. Combine it with healing spa treatments, which you may customize based on your body’s needs. For example, if you’re dealing with muscle pain, you can ask for physical rejuvenation therapy. It will relieve your muscle tightness and boost your energy. You can also try treatments for your digestion, sleep, skin conditions, and immune system.

  • Activities for Mental and Emotional Health

Meditation and yoga can reduce your stress, negative emotions, and anxiety through the focus you’d create. Being present in your practice guides you to a calmer outlook, a healthy emotional balance, and a more positive mindset.

  • Activities for the Soul

Meditation retreats are a good soul-enriching activity. Its holistic benefits include reconnecting with yourself, rediscovering your beliefs and values, and rediscovering your sense of purpose. As a result, you’d understand the importance of having a well-balanced lifestyle.

Camping may also benefit your soul. Being close to nature while being off the grid lets you reconnect to yourself. It can also improve your discipline in controlling your eating urges. In addition, it can inspire you to make more eco-friendly choices, such as recycling, leaving no traces in the camp, and not taking anything from your destination.

If sleeping out in the wilderness daunts you, it’s fine not to unplug completely. Find a destination with a power source or network to dampen your apprehension. And instead of lighting a fire at night, just go for energy-efficient LED strip lights. Illuminate your tent with it so that your surroundings will stay visible in the dark.

Holistic and eco-friendly holidays aren’t always easy, especially if you’re used to jaunty and overly energetic activities. But once in a while, it’s good to get away from it all and just connect. Your mind, body, and soul, will thank you for it.

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