Staying Safe While Traveling: What Should You Note?

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Traveling is a lot of fun. It is an experience that lets you see different places in the world, celebrate diverse cultures, and move away from your usual place for a while. This is why despite COVID19 restrictions, around 3 million Americans traveled outside the US by March 2021.

However, now more than ever, safety is a serious concern when it comes to traveling. Aside from safety from the coronavirus, people need to be aware of other dangers of traveling and what to do if one faces them.

Safety from the virus

The World Health Organization gives several recommendations for travelers during the pandemic. The first thing a traveler needs to ask himself is if they need to travel. For individuals in high-risk groups, it is best to postpone travel plans.

High-risk groups include older adults above 60s and those with chronic illness and health conditions. This group should postpone travel if they hhave not been fully vaccinated yet. At the same time, consider the area of travel; if the location of the trip has a high infection rate, it is better to cancel travel plans to this destination.

When entering a specific destination, know the travel requirements and protocols and follow them. These protocols may include COVID19 testing and quarantine for several days. While exploring different parts of the destination, make sure to follow preventative measures such as regularly washing hands, keeping social distance, and wearing masks.

Though it may be tempting to go to parties, it is recommended that travelers avoid crowds to prevent the transmission of the virus to many people. At the same time, it is better to stay in well-ventilated areas rather than poorly-ventilated ones to lessen the chances of the virus spread.

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Safety as a solo traveler

Traveling solo can give an individual a different experience than traveling in a group. It encourages one to go out of their comfort zone, try new things, and mingle with the locals in the destination. However, it is also important to remember that solo traveling may have some dangers, and being aware of these dangers is key to keep one safe.

  • Staying connected

It may be tempting to shut off your phone for a while and enjoy all the new things your destination offers. But staying connected is vital in cases of emergency. Thus, before coming to another place, make sure to check if the area has roaming capabilities; otherwise, rent a phone in the area of destination or purchase an international SIM card.

At the same time, having internet connectivity can help immensely in case you get lost when traveling or driving by yourself.

  • Letting someone you trust know about your itinerary

Inform friends and family where you’re regularly going. Informing your hotel concierge or host for a homestay can be helpful, too. This is especially needed when you are planning to travel in the wilderness or a parkland. Letting people know about your plans will ensure that someone checks up and look for you if you meet any accident.

  • Knowing how to handle serious injuries

Traveling may seem about fun and exploration until one meets a serious accident or get a serious injury. In case any of these happens, travelers must take note of the nearby clinics or urgent care centers in the area.

Urgent care service is given to people who need immediate attention after an accident or sudden condition. It is immediately given within 24 hours to a patient. Getting proper and immediate care is key.

  • Putting important stuff in separate places

When traveling to another country, the most important things you need to have are your passport, cash, and credit cards. Keeping them in separate places is key so that you don’t lose all of your resources and essential travel documents in one instance.

A good tip is to also keep copies of your passport data page. Take a photo of the data page and save it to your phone or get a photocopy of the data page. This is what you need to carry when exploring places at your choice of destination.

The original passport must be kept in the hotel safe. This is your actual ticket to travel from one country to the next.

  • Learning about the destination

Don’t go to a destination blind and clueless. One of the first things you need to do is research the destination, customs, culture, and safety concerns in the area. If you have already found information that a place has high criminal cases, it is not a good idea to travel there alone, no matter how adventurous you are.

Traveling is a mix of adventure and safety

Indeed, traveling alone can be frightening, especially when one is aware of its dangers. At the same time, some people savor the fear and try to conquer it because of their adventurous spirit. But traveling is a mix of adventure and safety: one can enjoy the thrills of a new place while making sure that they come back home in one piece.

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