Lifestyle Wellness: Why Staying Outside Is Good for Your Health

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It would seem all roads lead to home these days. With the COVID-19 virus still largely at large all over America, authorities are telling everyone to observe limits in outside movements. And though restrictions vary from state to state, people wish things will get better sooner than later to get back to their old lives. Indeed, all this can certainly can get numbing to a point. Many tend to forget that when faced with a health scare, making your body as resilient as possible is wise. That should mean more time spent outdoors.

No doubt, staying inside can be a safety net. It can protect you from getting contaminated by an infectious virus. But there are tons of health benefits available to you outside that you can’t get while holed up inside. Top of that list is purer oxygen.

Spending more time outside may not be much of a problem if you live in the country. However, the truth of the matter is 82% of Americans have made cities their home. In such a trend to converge in congested places, getting yourself to step outside more often is wise. Here’s why.

Urbanization and Mental Health Issues

When you talk about air pollution, chances are you think of car exhausts and industrial fumes dirtying the air with toxic chemicals. It’s not hard to conclude air outside is toxic and must be avoided. What’s surprising is a recent study published in the Science of Total Environment journal shows indoor air is a lot more dangerous to human health than the air outside.

Researchers found out that a slew of air pollutants are compromising the air we breathe inside. Some of these are paints, cooking residue, fungal spores, and varnishes.

That can certainly be alarming when you think about the link between nature and its mental health benefits. Another study from Stanford University shows mood disorders are higher in urban areas compared to the countryside. The study observed two groups. One group was made to do regular 90-minute walks in a natural environment, while the other group made the same number of walks in an urban area.

Researchers realized that those who made regular walks in nature were far less negative compared to those who did the routine in an urban setting.

Why Being Outside Boosts Your Overall Health?

Being with nature means less stress for you. And it’s not just your mental health. Heart experts determine that spending more time with nature relieves stress, and therefore it helps give you a stronger heart. Plus, it can give your cognitive functioning, which includes amongst many your memory.

Pundits point out that fresh air outside has higher levels of oxygen compared to air indoors. When you’re exposed to more oxygen, your lung’s blood vessels dilate, improving cleansing in the process. Consequently, the levels of oxygen in your blood shoot up. That has a domino effect on your whole body. More oxygen in your brain means better cognitive functioning.

One study in Northumbria regarding Cognitive Science shows subjects introduced with more oxygen compared to those with normal air performed 20% better in their memory tests.

The same holds true for your heart. When there’s not enough oxygen, the heart must work harder to compensate. But with fresh air, the heart can relax as there are a lot more nutrients circulating.

One of the things that make the outdoors relaxing is there’s not much distraction. You are not bothered by deadlines or by making things work. In the workplace, pressure mounts. There’s a lot of stimuli pushing you to do things. In the long run, you feel relaxed and less drained.

Making It Happen


Research states that at least you should spend 120 minutes outside weekly to get optimal health. Those who observe such are in a better position to maintain good health.

In this regard, an active lifestyle should be the way to go. Taking a walk outside and gardening is a good way to capture the benefit of the outdoors. Additionally, you can also enjoy the immediate benefits of the air outside by just stepping outside your door.

A first-floor deck should be spot on in this regard. For stunning finishes, using timber decking should be a wise decision. Not only is it durable for outdoor use, but it can also give you the comfort you need to feel good under your foot. In short, it’s a stellar lifestyle property decision.

Plus, what makes timber decking such a good idea is it can integrate your indoor space right through your outdoor space. That means you can enjoy the outdoors right away, just a few steps, and you get the fresh air you’ve been pining for.

When you want to live a healthier lifestyle, making the right decision is not an option. It’s a must.

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